Fashionable bamboo fan hat for spring/summer sun shade and sun protection

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A purely handmade bamboo fan. Good breathability, effective shade from the sun , superbly crafted bamboo crafts.

The half brace is a fan that folds up to fit in your pocket and is very easy to carry.

It is a great gift for your elder relatives or family members and a good help for daily entertainments.

  • ✅ Not only a hand fan, but also a sunhat, at the same time it is scorched by the sun! With hook and loop fasteners, it is convenient to connect to both sides to be exposed to the sun.
  • ✅ Fashionable sun hat: small floral design, perfect with dress, bikini, suitable for any indoor and outdoor sports and activities.

  • ✅ It can also be used half as a fan. Foldable and portable, suitable for outdoor use. Folding hand-cranked fan, multiple functions, you can use it as a hat when you need sun protection outdoors, and as a hand-cranked fan indoors.
  • ✅ High-quality bamboo material: made of high-quality, sturdy, durable bamboo, smooth and thorn-free, light and practical, and provide assistance for your long-term safety
  • ✅ Super sunscreen: The sun’s ultraviolet rays will damage your skin, form dark spots and accelerate aging. The big-brimmed hat can effectively block ultraviolet rays to make your skin youthful and beautiful


Material: Bamboo
Diameter: 38.5 cm/15.35 inches Approx.

Package Includes:

1 Piece Hat