Women Front Zipper Loafer Casual Sneaker Shoes

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Color:  Black
Size Us:  4.5
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Say Goodbye to Those Drab Outfits - Get Ready to Flaunt with Women Front Zipper Loafer Casual Sneaker Shoes!

These stylish Women Front Zipper Loafer Casual Sneaker Shoes are the perfect combination of utility and fashion. Crafted with a metal zipper that is easy to open and close, and covered with a protective coating to ensure it is water-resistant, these sneakers will keep you looking fashionable and feeling comfortable. Whether you're wearing them to run errands or to a night out, these slip-on sneakers will be your go-to choice.

If you are looking for a pair of womens casual shoes that you want to spend less time wearing, then these Women Front Zipper Loafer Casual Sneaker Shoes are your first choice. The closure of canvas shoes for women is the zipper. It just needs one step to put on these casual shoes for women, which is to zip down and zip up. The anti-slip rubber sole prevents you from slipping on slippery grounds. The style of the shoes is quite simple and classic. The upper material of the shoes is a canvas. The fabric is breathable and comfortable to wear. It is suitable for casual walking, running, shopping, and other daily activities.


The half lining of Women Front Zipper Loafer Casual Sneaker Shoes is designed with PU memory foam, which is soft and comfortable for the back of feet. The front lining of womens shoes casual is canvas material, which is breathable. The collar of the slip-on tennis shoe women is filled fully with memory foam, which will protect your ankle. You don’t need to break in these new women's slip-on shoes because smooth and soft PU memory foam will give a nice experience.

Our Women Front Zipper Loafer Casual Sneaker Shoes are made with PU upper and rubber outsole which is soft and flexible. The insole and lining are made with foam and fabric which give your feet a good experience. The upper of slip-on shoes for women are made with PU material which is water-resistant and easy to clean. Don't worry to make these white shoes dirty, you can wipe dirt off with rag.


  • The style of white sneakers for women is fashionable and elegant, with round toes, PU leather upper, and metal zipper. 
  • These white slip-on sneakers are easy to match any outfit and will let you look pretty.
  • The upper of slip-on shoes for women are made with PU material which is water-resistant and easy to clean.
  • The closure of these slip-on walking shoes is a zipper that is so easy to be used. 
  • These casual walking sneakers let you feel so convenient to wear them.