Washable Anti-Harassment Underwear Dog Diapers, 3 Count

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Color:  Beige
Size:  XS
Package:  1 Count
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It can prevent dogs from peeing anywhere in inappropriate places.
Be a civilized dog to effectively prevent the problem of harassment during estrus.
Convenient and environmentally friendly, and can be reused.

  • If your dog gets easily excited, is an untrained puppy or suffering from incontinence.our product is perfect to make their life more comfortable.
  • The fabric is polyester, smooth and non-sticky, easy to care;
  • The diaper pad is sewn into the diaper and has a waterproof outer layer to prevent leaks and damage to rugs, carpets, upholstered chairs and sofas.
  • Nylon gluing adjustment design, the fit of the legs and waist separately and ensure the size fit perfectly.
  • Contains strong absorbent terry cloth, instant water absorption ability; and locked with breathable mesh cloth, do not worry about boring pee in summer (four seasons available)


  • The fabric is polyester, smooth and non-sticky, easy to take care of; it is fitted with TPU and has a waterproof effect;
  • Contains a strong absorbent towel cloth, which has a strong ability to absorb water instantly; and it is locked with a breathable mesh cloth, so there is no need to worry about stuffiness in summer (available in all seasons);
  • The belly is tight and tight, so it won't be strangled by the pet, giving him a comfortable wrapping experience;
  • Velcro adjustable design, easy to adjust;


  • Color: Beige / Black / Blue
  • Materials: Polyester + Terry Cloth
  • Size: XS / S / M / L / XL / 2XL

Size Chart

Size Waist Width
XS 9.4-13.0" / 24-33cm 4.3" / 11cm
S 11.8-15.7" / 30-40cm 5.5" / 14cm
M 15.7-19.7" / 40-50cm 7.5" / 19cm
L 17.3-22.8" / 44-58cm 8.7" / 22cm
XL 20.5-28.3" / 52-72cm 11.4" / 29cm
2XL 28.3-32.3" / 72-82cm 11.8" / 30cm