Non-Toxic Smart UV Indoor Insects Trap

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 The Non-Toxic Smart UV Indoor Insects Trap protects your home from annoying buzz by operating quietly and effectively catching and killing all flying insects in up to 30m2 range. Enjoy a Buzz-free night, pest-free, and 100% safe.

Enjoy A Home Without Annoying Insects

While other bug repellents contain various chemical ingredients the Non-Toxic Smart UV Indoor Insects Trap uses a 4W UV tube that effectively attracts all kinds of flying insects and easily traps and kills them pest-free in up to 30m2 range. It is designed to trap any type of flying insect, such as mosquitoes, flies, fruit flies, gnats, moths, wasps, and many others.

It can be plugged in on any wall adapter, power bank, etc. You can enjoy up to 8000 hours of Buzz-free time.

Enjoy A Buzz-Free Night

The Non-Toxic Smart UV Indoor Insects Trap is 100% safe to use around kids and pets and its ultra quiet operation mode will help you enjoy a calm and cosy evening so you can get better sleep and feel more energized the next day.

The glue in the sticky pads is made with eco-friendly ingredients and it is completely odorless.

The product has a fully enclosed protection net safe guard and compact design convenient to use in every room in your home.

Just plug it in your living room, bedroom or in your office and annoying bugs will trouble you no more.