Upgraded 24V Mini Chainsaw

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Safety Assured: To make this tiny chainsaw cordless safe, we added a Safety Lock and a Safety Bezel.

One-Hand Operation: Our battery-operated tiny chainsaw measures just 33 cm (13 inches) in length, weighs 0.7 kg, and is lightweight and compact to carry. Its handheld shape makes it pleasant to hold in the hand and simple to operate.

Increased Power Motor: This rechargeable tiny lithium chainsaw has been improved with a power increase of 30% and a 20% reduction in power consumption. Fast cutting also increases efficiency.

Simple to Install & Operate: Once the portable little mini Chainsaw is in place, all that is left to do is tighten the screw using the wrench that comes with the kit.

High-Efficiency Cutting: To ensure smooth cutting, our rechargeable mini chainsaw uses a high-quality guide chain that has been severely hardened.

Get The Job Done Faster & Save Effort With Our Electric Chainsaw!

Every garden enthusiast should own a Small Cordless Chainsaw. Working with pruning saws is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The Small Cordless Chainsaw will assist you in completing your gardening tasks more quickly and with less effort. It works well on all sorts of wood, is rechargeable, and is small enough to fit in any hand or cabinet. The chainsaw is quite durable and wear-resistant, and the battery timing is excellent. The cutting speed and performance of the chainsaw are exceptional due to the high chain speed of 10 metres per second. It's perfect for a variety of jobs, including gardening and other projects. It is an essential addition to your lawn care arsenal, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional.

Cutting Time: Power Chain Saws cut a log with a diameter of 15cm in roughly 10 seconds (the specific value varies with the actual size and hardness of the wood). This electric saw is ideal for woodworking, tree branch pruning, and gardening.

Lightweight and easy to use: Our tiny chainsaw includes a non-slip handle, an ergonomic design, and is easy to pick up. Individuals with limited physical strength may easily operate and use it, and it is not demanding to work with for long periods of time.


Name: Mini Chainsaw
Item Weight: 5.15 pounds
Color: Black/Red
Power Source: Battery-powered

Package Included:

The electric chainsaw comes with 1 x carrying case, 2 x battery, 3 x chain & 1 x guide plate (Installed), 1 x charger, 1 x gloves, 1 x nut driver, and 1 x screwdriver - the basic equipment you could need in a mini chainsaw kit. The carrying case is perfect for storing all your accessories and is ideal for taking on the go.


Please install it according to the included instructions, DO NOT install the chain backward!

Before using the mini chainsaw, please wear protective equipment such as a dust mask, earmuffs, gloves, protective glasses, etc., especially face and eye protection.

Please unplug the battery pack during installation and removal of the guide plate.

After installation, turn on the machine with no load, then observe the normal operation of the machine.

Please do not cut a tree trunk with a radius of more than 8cm or diameter of more than 15cm. According to the actual cutting situation, cut the small first, then the large.

Due to manual measurement, there may be small deviations.