Ultrasonic Fruit & Veggie Cleaner

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Color:  Navy Blue
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Don’t Let Pesticides Stop You from Eating Fruits and Veggies

Even after washing the food it can still contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals. 

You don't have to stop eating fresh & healthy Fruits and Veggies, because this Ultrasonic Veggie Cleaner remove 99.9% of any harmful chemicals so you can you eat them safely!

Electrolysis Technology

Protect the health of everyone at home! This device doesn’t use chemicals to clean your food, but relies on electrolysis and water only which is safe for your health!


The only thing worse than chemicals on our food would be to then clean them with more chemicals! This washing machine is perfect because it needs water and not harsh chemicals to clean.

USB Charging

This device can be charged via USB so you don't need additional wires to charge it!


Take the washing machine anywhere to ensure your food is clean. All you need is a sink or large bowl, water and you can clean your fruit and vegetables in no time!

Easy To Use

This device is easy to use and an absolute necessity for having clean fruit and vegetables. Even your children will be able to use it.