Uber Led Light Sign For Car

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Color:  Blue
Power:  USB
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Do you lose riders because they can't seem to find your car? Increase rider satisfaction and stand out from the rest when you decrease wait times and increase your number of trips and tips!


In order to make you stand out even better. This LED SIGN provide the STRONGEST BRIGHTNES. It's not just the patterns and the words that light up.It's the WHOLE PAGE that shines.Even during the day,customers can see the sign at a glance.
POWER SUPPLY -- DC 12V inverter with car USB, suitable for all 12V cars.


With 2 suction cups, easy to install, just place it on your inner windshield, driver and passenger window, or even trunk window! These signs are easy to remove, simply lift a corner of a suction cup and the rest should come off. Then, with our fantastic reusable features, use it when you need it! Will not leave a single scratch or mark!


The LED sign is what you have been looking for to differentiate yourself and get better reviews. Don’t get left behind - this product is the new standard and your customers will love it!

  • Easy to spot --- Stand out by easily identifying yourself to customers with these windshield placards. The pattern is clear and the guidelines are clear. Your car visible from far away and you will not be missed ever again !
  • Power Supply --- DC 12V inverter with car USB charge, suitable for all 12V cars.
  • Light source --- EL LED lamp panel, bright and soft light, makes people easy to see without glare, and performs well in foggy or rainy weather.
  • Easy Installation ---Easy hook on and off with suction cup remain on the windshield. Before install, pls clean up the windshield where you want to stick, it is better to drip some water to the suctions for strong stick.
  • Improve your five-star praise --- this led car window sign can make people impressed, good driving, and give customers a better experience. Customers will give you a higher evaluation!

Advantage to Buy Our LED Sign Light ?

  1. Whether it's foggy or rainy, customers can easily find your car and stand out from the competition.
  2. Clear and bright illuminating signs make it easy to get better reviews and higher scores. For your growing business.
  3. Let the passengers believe that you are a trustworthy driver,it was a safe trip.
  4. Easily mounted on your window and any where, suitable for all 12V Cars,SUV,Pickup Truck, Motorcycle ,Van ,Trailer,Boat, Caravan ect.Also Easily removed when not in use.


  1. Before install, pls clean up the windshield where you want to stick, it is better to add some water to the suctions for strong stick.
  2. Pls don't pull the line too hard.