U-Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

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Color:  White
Size:  130*70cm
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U-Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life, but it comes with its challenges, one of which is the difficulty in getting a good night's sleep. As the pregnancy progresses, the body undergoes numerous changes, including weight gain, hormonal fluctuations, and physical discomfort. These changes make it increasingly challenging to find a comfortable sleeping position, leading to restless nights and fatigue during the day. 

Introducing the U-shaped pregnancy pillow - your new best friend! This baby will have your back (literally), as well as your belly, neck, hips, and all those other joints that are feeling the strain. Say goodbye to tossing and turning all night, and hello to a more restful, rejuvenating sleep.

It's made from 100% washed cotton with a handy zippered pillowcase that you can easily remove and toss in the washing machine. The filling is 100% polyester microfiber, which means it's super soft and fluffy - just what you need for a cozy night's sleep. And the best part? It's designed to fit the natural contours of your body, making it perfect for all you side sleepers out there.

So why wait? Don't let those aches and pains keep you up all night. With our U-shaped pregnancy pillow, you can sleep comfortably and wake up feeling rested, energized, and ready to take on the day. Order yours today and get ready for some seriously sweet dreams.

  • COTTON COVER - The cover is made from 100% cotton, which offers a soft and comfortable feel against the skin.
  • U-SHAPED - designed to support both sides of your body and follow the shape of pregnant women. Not just for expecting mothers, it's also great for anyone seeking a comfortable night's rest."
  • VERSATILE - our U-shaped pregnancy pillow can be used for nursing, reading, watching TV, or simply relaxing.
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT AND RELIEF - Ideal for relieving sciatica, leg swelling, and back pain, it also prevents hypertension syndrome and pressure on the liver while eliminating tossing and turning.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL USAGE - Perfect for back, side, and stomach sleepers, it provides optimal support for your head, back, belly, sides, knees, hips, and feet.


  • Color: white
  • Material: Cotton
  • Filling: 100% polyester microfiber
  • Item Length: 53
  • Item Width: 31.000


  • 1 X  U-shaped pregnancy pillow