Top-Rated Bicycle Front And Rear LED Lights Set

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Top-Rated bicycle front and rear LED lights set

Get seen and maximize your visibility while cycling at night with our high-performance bike front and rear light set!

Any avid cyclist knows the feeling of dread when it comes to biking in low light. it can be difficult for both the rider and other road users to see each other. In addition, road markings, obstacles, and other hazards may not be easily noticeable, making it more difficult to navigate safely.

Introducing the ultimate Bicycle Front and Rear Light Set, designed to keep you safe and visible on the road. With a powerful 300-lumen output, this light set illuminates your surroundings with ultra-bright light, ensuring that you are seen from all angles. The wide-angle design offers maximum visibility and safety, making it perfect for all types of cycling.

This light set is rechargeable and comes with four lighting modes to choose from Full Brightness, Half Brightness, Fast Flashing, and Slow Flashing. These modes allow you to customize your lighting according to your needs.

Whether you are commuting in the city or going for a night ride in the countryside, our bike light set ensures that your path is clearly lit ahead. So, get ready to blaze your trail in style – pick up our bicycle front and rear light set today!

  • EASY ATTACHMENT & DETACHMENT - With its quick-release rubber strap design, this bike's front and rear lights can be effortlessly attached and removed and fit ANY bar size.
  • ULTRA-BRIGHT ILLUMINATION - Equipped with a high-powered 300-lumen output, this bike headlamp ensures maximum visibility during low-light rides.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR VISIBILITY WITH FULL ROAD COVERAGE - Experience enhanced driving safety with the wide beam angle that delivers a comprehensive view of the road ahead and increased visibility for other drivers.
  • ADAPTABLE ILLUMINATION - Stay in control of your lighting with the four versatile modes: full brightness, half brightness, fast flash, and slow flash. Easily switch between modes to fit your current situation and maximize your safety.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STREAMLINED DESIGN - Enjoy seamless and unobtrusive lighting with our compact and lightweight bike light set that doesn't add any extra weight to your ride.
  • EFFICIENT AND CONVENIENT RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - Say goodbye to disposable batteries with our rechargeable light set, delivering up to 12 hours of continuous lighting in low mode. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with extended runtime and the ease of a quick charge.


  • Materials:  strong ABS, Aluminum, and Silicone
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Auto Part Position: Rear, Front
  • International Protection Rating: IPX4 Waterproof


  • 1 X Headlight and 1 X Taillight
  • 2 X USB cables
  • 1 X Mount Bracket for Headlight
  • 1 X Mount Bracket for Taillight
  • 1 X Instruction Manual