The Classic Taste Original Total Transparent Pet Carrier

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Color:  Black(Round)
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Named best product for  last 3 years! This cute, handy trolley is your pet's ultimate carrier. Bus, train, super market, anywhere easy entry! No more trouble to bring your pet to "NO PET" zone.

You can easily check what is you pet doing! The trolley is totally transparently designed, it will help pets, cats and puppies to have a 360 degree transparency view of the outside world. Pets enjoy the same paramount view, rather than with a tiny see-through window.

You can always touch or interact with you pet through its big holes. It's big enough to pat your pets. We call it venting hole. The trolley has quite huge venting hole design along the side part and fresh air could go through. It is designed to be breathable for pets, cats and little puppies. Pets won't feel isolated or hot at all during outdoor activities.

It is lightweight and spacious for a regular size cat and small size of dogs. Trolley is made of lightweight material, so the carriage transportation will be pleasant with wheels. Also, large capacity will enable pets to play, sleep, turn around inside. The bottom could be with blankets for pets to lie down, it could serve as a travelling home.

The trolley wheel is made of quiet material, during transportation, it will be quiet and soft for pets. Also the soft movement from the wheels will not irritate nor upset your pets.

Trolley capsule is suitable for traveling, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities to ensure the safety of pets. And by bring this trolley, it served as a moving home for little pets.