Taxi Light Sign For Car

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Type:  Cigarette Lighter
Color:  Blue
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The beautiful and bright lighting allows you to stand out among your competitors, especially at night.

Bright LED Lights Glow

Whether it is day or night, your customer will see your car immediately.

High quality Led Uber Sign Light make your car stand out in traffic.

The pattern is clear and Glow, Your car visible from far away.

Improve Your Customer Rating

Make it easier for customers to find your car. More and more customers will willing to give you 5 star praise. Especially during rush hour or in bad weather.

Easy installation

Easy hook on and off with suction cup on the windshield.

Dripping a little bit of water can help you let the suction cups adsorb to the card and glass better.

Item type: TAXI LED Sign
Board Size: Approx. 19*6.4cm
Light source: LED
Light Color: Red White Green Blue
Light type: Light Panel
Lifespan: 20,000 hours
Design: TAXI Sign
Power supply: DC 12V inverter with car cigarette lighter
Installation:Easy hook on and off with suction cup remain on the windshield.
Tips:Dripping a little bit of water, can help you let the suction cups adsorb to the card and glass better.

★Adopt the bright LED bulb, energy saving, long service life
★Function: Light Sign for express car/taxi, easier for passengers to recognize
★Application: Car Window or other place, suitable for all 12V cars.
★Use: LED Taxi Board Light, LED Taxi Logo Light, LED Taxi Service Light, LED Taxi Top Light, LED Cad Top Light, Interior or Exteriors Use..etc.

Package included:
1x TAXI Car LED Sign
2x Suction Cup