Smart Remote Training Bark Control Collar

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Remotely manage your dog's barking and other unwanted behaviors with the Bark Control Collar!

  • Trains Your Dog - With the Bark Control Collar, you can control your dog's barking and train your dog to stay away from chewing furniture, eating unfit food, and fighting with other dogs. 

  • Suitable for All Kinds Dogs - From 15 to 100 pound dogs, our dog bark collar is suitable for a wide range of dogs. Both short and long contact points are included on the product, making it suitable for dogs with short and long hair. 

  • Safe and Easy to Use - The anti bark collar comes with a security keypad lock feature. It prevents your dog from being unintentionally shocked. It features a remote control that lets you train your pet up to 1,000 feet away. Thus, you can use it practically anywhere: at the park, your backyard, or at the beach! 

  • Various Training Modes - There are three modes on the bark collar with remote: sound, vibration, and shock. You can also train two dogs at once! Whether you have one or two dogs, you can easily accomplish the task of training them with one remote control. You can use the dog bark collar to train up to three different dogs with three different settings without resetting it. 

  • Water Resistant - Your pet can enjoy outdoor activities with more freedom because the bark collar training is water resistant. For easier viewing, the remote control has a backlit LCD display too!