Slow Feeder, Pets Intellectual Training Toy

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Color:  Blue
Style:  Robot
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Pet educational toy:

The appearance is designed as an intelligent robot, a multi-functional educational toy, which integrates a toy car, a tumbler, and an interesting pet feeder. By playing with toys, pets can obtain food rewards, thereby promoting brain development and improving intelligence.

Anti-overturning design:

This toy adopts a self-balancing system, no need for an electric drive, the pet can move back and forth with a slight push; it will not be overturned, but the swing greatly increases the fun of playing.

Fun Pet Feeder Toy:

With the flip-top clear granary lid, pet food or treats can be added to the toy. The toy will sway back and forth with the pet's fiddling or pushing, during which the pet's dry food or treats will fall, which increases the pet's love for the toy. This design allows pets to be rewarded, adding to the playability and fun of the toy.

Sturdy and not easy to damage:

This toy is made of food-grade ABS and PC. Strong, wear-resistant, and durable, it is suitable for small and medium dogs and cats of all sizes.

Easy to add pet food:

Flip the transparent lid up with your thumb, add the right amount of dry pet food or treats directly into the toy compartment, then flip down to close the compartment. After that, you can let your pet play with the toys.