Safety Swimming Dog Life Vest

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Color:  Mermaid
Size:  XS
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Protect your best friend's life

All dogs can swim (some better than others), so when thinking about a life vest for your dog, make sure it serves its purpose: be a floater when fatigued, giving you a little peace of mind while on the water.

  • Help your pup float when tired
  • High quality adjustable loop belt to securely hold dog
  • Strong handle helps you get them out of the water with ease

Every dog is unique, that's why it is extremely important to measure your dog carefully before selecting size.

Neck Girth Chest Girth Back Length Fit For
XS 9.8-13.8" 11.8-16.5" 7.9" 4.41-8.82lbs
S 14.2-18.5" 16.1-20.9" 10.2" 8.82-15.43lbs
M 15.7-18.9" 16.1-24.8" 11.8" 15.43-22.05lbs
L 16.5-21.3" 19.7-29.5" 13.8" 22.05-44.09lbs
XL 19.7-27.6" 27.6-38.6" 17.7" 44.09-110.23lbs

** If your dogs measurements does not fit within the numbers on table, it will not fit.**


  • 3 Designs: Mermaid, Shark and Clown Fish
  • Mesh fabric on belly side makes it so that it can be quickly dried and properly drained
  • High quality materials, straps and buckles
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Suitable for putting dogs in the pool, beach and other water scenes to safely enjoy water.

Durable & lightweight - polyester fabric, light weight, shark shape design.

Adjustable hook and loop and buckle - The life jacket has a hook and loop around the waist and neck, and there are buckles in both places. The buckle can be adjusted and can be tightened or loosened as needed.

Portable and safe handle - You an easily put dogs in or out of water.

Easy to dry and clean.