Safe Puppy Car Seat Dog Mattress Carrier

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Style:  Car Seat Gray
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We all love to ride with our dogs in the front seat, but riding unrestrained in the passenger seat or in the driver's arms is dangerous.

In addition, a lack of a comfortable state while driving can lead to all kinds of physical and mental health problems for pets.

With our Safe Puppy Car Seat, you can make your pets feel more secure by giving them a safe spot to seat - right next to you on the middle console.


🐾 Calming & Comfy: Made from high-quality linen. Our seat provides a soft, comfortable, and calming experience that helps your dog reduce anxiety and prevent motion sickness,

🐾 100% Secure Guaranteed: The seat has two attached straps on the bottom that securely attaches to the middle console, ensuring the seat remains still while driving. A built-in leash is included to keep your furry friend inside the seat at all times, while also giving them enough room to stretch and breathe comfortably.

🐾 Specifications: For dogs and cats up to 13 lbs (6 kg). The seat length is 13 inches (33 cm).