Rod Automatic Teaser Ball Toy

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Fur Parents, here’s how to keep your pets active even if you’re busy! Pets Automatic Lifting Rod encourages your cats to play, jump, catch, and exercise their natural instinct to hunt on their own.

Effortlessly keep your cats mentally and physically stimulated with the Pets Automatic Lifting Rod. Reduce their boredom, anxiety, and stress and keep them free from destructive behavior. 

Simply clamp the Pets Automatic Lifting Rod to your desktop. And it will automatically move the rope and ball to capture your cat’s attention and making it irresistible for them

This is why we love this product:

🐾With this toy, your cats get to play on their own.

🐾Simply clip it on a desktop, and let your cats have their workout and time to play.

🐾When the toy is activated, it can be turned off automatically for about 5 minutes or the button can be turned off again during the toy operation.

🐾The hairball can be replaced with other toys.

🐾You can easily replace the hug by tying new toys to the rope.

🐾Make bonding with your cats more fun with this toy. The hug on the rope goes up & down, golf to tease your cat.

🐾Keep your cats busy and exercising, running, and jumping. Watch them enjoying their time playing.



  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 110g
  • Power: 2 AA Batteries (Not Included)


  • 1 x Pets Automatic Lifting Rod