RGBIC Bluetooth LED Strip Lights Wifi Control

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Transform your space instantly with vibrant lighting, extending the beauty and elegance of color throughout your home! Using special built-in IC chips, these smart LED strip lights can display multiple colors at the same time.

  • 196.8 Inches - 5 Meters
  • 393.7 Inches - 10 Meters
  • 787.4 Inches - 20 Meters
  • 1181.1 Inches - 30 Meters

Are You Tired With Unchanging White Wall

Chance the ambience in your living space with the RGBIC LED Strip Light. These colorful LED strip lights create vibrant highlights for your home and are perfect for light up a bedroom, computer desk, kitchen, living room and shelf.

Can be used for adding light to your bedroom space, creating a colorful glow along your kitchen cabinets, or simply dressing up for a holiday party or daily in your living room. no need to worry of control distance and app out of control.

Enjoy your happy party times with your friends.

Moreover, It is a great gift for your family and friends.

Light up Your Home and Your Life

Create a romantic, relaxed, vivid atmosphere for your space.

Make you experience the pleasure of reformed spaces.

Led tape lights are equipped with a clear gel coating to protect your strip lights and ensure the lights' durability and are not easy to break, providing you smoother lighting effects.

Enhanced Music Experience

The built-in high sensitivity mic smoothly syncs to your favorite music producing dynamic, unique light shows.

Enhance your parties and nights-in with a colorized musical backdrop.

Segmented control provides countless design options, stunning light shows, and effects that are sure to impress.

Enjoy dynamic, smart color in your living space.