Premium Car Baby Monitor Camera

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Premium Car Baby Monitor Camera

Hey, parents! tired of feeling anxious while driving because you can't keep an eye on your little one in the backseat? We understand how frustrating it can be not knowing what your child is up to back there. But don't worry, we've got the perfect solution for you!

Introducing our wireless car baby monitor and camera with night vision! Finally, you can drive with peace of mind knowing that your baby is safe and sound. This little device is a game-changer for parents who hate not being able to see their baby when driving.

But here’s the real game changer: night vision! That's right, you heard me. With this baby monitor, you can keep an eye on your little one even in the dark. No more guessing or turning on the car light to check on your baby.

Can you imagine how much easier your life would be with the Wireless Car Baby Monitor Camera? You're driving down the road, and your baby is quietly sleeping in the back seat. Instead of constantly worrying and turning around to check on them, you can just take a quick glance at the monitor. Ah, the relief! 

  • SAFETY - Our baby mirror is uniquely designed for safety. Unlike other car baby monitors, you can Place it on your car's center console, providing you with a clear and unobstructed view of your baby.
  • NIGHT VISION - Our camera mirror includes a night vision function that provides a clear and bright display of your baby, even when driving at night.
  • INCREDIBLY EASY TO USE - Simply strap the camera to your moveable headrest, plug in the power cord to the cigarette lighter, and install the LCD monitor. The monitor will automatically turn on and switch to the baby's back seat, without any assembly required.
  •  ADJUSTABLE ANGLE - you can adjust the camera angle up and down to fit your car model and the size of the car safety seat.
  • STABLE WHILE DRIVING -  unlike other baby car cameras, our baby car monitor camera is engineered to prevent vibrations, shaking, and movement while driving.


  • Package Dimensions: 7.48 x 5.04 x 4.02 inches
  • Position: Center
  • Item Weight: 1.32 pounds
  • Vehicle Service Type: Car
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Lift Type: Power

Package includes:

  • 1 X Camera
  • 1 X Monitor
  • 1 X Cord
  • 1 X User Manual