Portable Dog Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Device

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Style:  Yellow / Single Driver
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Manage your dog's barking and other unwanted behaviors with this Anti-Barking Device

  • Trains Your Dog - This dog barking stopper device manages your dog’s barking and trains your dog from chewing furniture, eating unsafe food, fighting with other dogs, and other unwanted behaviors. 
  • Suitable for All Kinds Dogs - Powered by ultrasonic waves, this ultrasonic dog bark controller will have any canine companion acting like a perfect gentleman in no time. 
  • Safe and Easy to Use - This ultrasonic dog bark deterrent is created within the dog's hearing range, so it won't bother people but will stop your dog from barking. So, you can use it to keep your pet from barking without risking them being harmed in any way. 
  • With Flashlight - The LED flashlight with multi settings also comes in handy when searching for stray dogs or a lost dog out after dark. 
  • Portable - Whether you are at home, the park, or in your car, you can use this Anti-Barking Device anywhere!