Portable Cervical Massage Stimulator

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To reduce inflammation and swelling, stay warm, ease weariness, and enhance blood circulation, a portable little cervical massager may relax local muscles and boost local blood flow.

With the help of this massager, you may achieve complete relaxation in the convenience of your own home with only one click! The best therapeutic deep tissue massage is available.

✅ Mini size, portable to use.
✅ Improve your sleep.
✅ USB charging and 6 modes safe.
✅ Host diameter of only 5.7 cm, thickness of only 1.8 cm.

Stylish and astute appearance, It's not strange to go shopping and work! You are able to have a comfortable experience for a very long period thanks to the integrated large-capacity charging power. This neck massager can be charged using a power bank or a mobile phone charger, making it handy to do so at home or at the office.

The micro-current simulated massage technique creates a calming effect by reducing muscle tension and activating muscle pressure.

This Carbon fibre heating pad for neck maintains a consistent temperature range in contrast to microwaveable heated gadgets, which are readily overheated or cooled down. Skin burns are nothing to worry about. Easy to use, odourless, and wear-resistant fabric.


• Product name: Electromagnetic Wave Massager
• Color: as shown
• Applicable parts: waist, buttocks, legs, back
• Single product package size: 15 * 7 x 2.3 cm / 5.91 * 2.76 * 0.91 inch
• Host size: 5.7 * 1.8 cm / 2.24 * 0.71 inch
• Rechargeable model single product with packaging net weight: 65g
• Massage technique: patting, percussion
• Power mode: rechargeable (USB interface)
• Massage Modes: Acupuncture massage, scraping massage, kneading massage, massage, acupressure massage, elbow pressure massage
• Massage intensity: 6 levels, can be adjusted according to their comfort
• TENS micro-electric pulse massage: through the bionic micro-current pulse mode, massage techniques to relieve muscle discomfort. Continuous, gentle stimulation of neuromuscular and cellular, activating muscle fire to achieve a soothing effect.