Portable Breeze Neck Fan Refreshing Air Instantly

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Enjoy Clean, Cool and Refreshing Air Instantly! 

✔ Powerful Personal Air Cooler & Air Purifier

✔ 4 Breeze Speed Settings – Low, Medium, High & Turbo

✔ Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery - Runs for up to 6 Hours

✔ Compact, Lightweight & Portable

✔ Hands-Free Cooling

✔ Multi-Flex Neck Band

✔ Multi-Color Glowing Lights

✔ Great For Indoor & Outdoor Use

    It is cordless, personal cooler with air purification!

    Just slip it around your neck, turn it on and the heat is gone.

    Experience cool, crisp and refreshing air instantly as it pulls in hot air and instantly transforms it into a cool refreshing breeze.

    Its cordless and wearable design keeps your hands free allowing you to take it anywhere.

    Ideal for music festivals, concerts and outdoor events or activities!

    Safety & Quick Cooling

    The Portable Neck Fan is hanging around your neck just like a headphone and free your hands to enjoy the coolness during the hot summer days.

    This bladeless design do not tangle your hair and its safe for children and the elders.

    Hang this wearable air conditioner's powerful blowers around the neck to keep you cool instantly.

    It is an excellent addition during your working hours in the hot days.

    The Portable Air Conditioners is a must-have innovation for hot flashes prevention when you picnic, traveling or camping.

    Flexible & Adjustable

    The Neckband is made of gentle silicone and memory form materials that allows you to transform it into the shape or angle you want.

    Revolutionary Storage Design

    The revolutionary storage design make it lightweight and compact.

    When you fold it is as small as the size of a phone and fits easily in your pocket or handbag.

    This mini air conditioner is comfortable to hang it on the neck. It weights 5.6 oz and will you not even notice when its there it for a long time.

    Multi-Color Lights

    The 7-Color-Lights makes you more visible while running or walking at night and it also makes you shining just like the star of the party.

    Up to 6 Working Time

    This 2000 mAh Battery Operated Wearable Cooler has a has a built in 2000mAh large capacity batteries that provide up to 6 working hours continuous cooling depending on different speeds.

    Adjust the desired blowing speed by pressing the power button repeatedly.

    It can be powered and recharged by any 5V output USB device such as a power bank, computer, etc.

    The battery capacity can be monitored at any time on the LCD screen.