Pet Paw Prints Ink Pad Safe Non-Toxic Washable Long Lasting DIY Souvenir

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Color:  Black
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The pet ink pad is non-toxic, puppy and kitten safe, and mess free. Designed to easily stamp pawprints without getting ink on your fur baby.

Easily capture a pawprint by gently pressing the paw onto the ink pad using standard paper or card stock. Create a keepsake and memory of your beloved pet.

Animal safe acid-free ink pad can be used 3-5 times, meaning you get several chances to capture the perfect print you want.

You could also use ink pads over the years to capture the pawprint as your puppy or kitten grows!


Step 1
Remove everything from the packaging and place it on a table or the floor. Place the clean-touch ink pad, ink side down on the included white, imprint card.
Step 2
Gently press your pet’s paw onto the clean-touch ink pad. Press down hard enough to create the print. If your pet moves, no problem! Each clean-touch ink pad kit includes two imprint cards and can be used up to two times.
Step 3
Once the print is transferred onto the imprint card, slowly remove the clean-touch ink pad.
Step 4
Let dry for 24-48 hours and then display in your home! This keepsake is perfect for always cherishing your pet’s paw.


  • Size: Within the frame size 9.5*5.7cm
  • Overall size: 12.5*8cm
  • Material: Stamp-pad ink
  • Quantity: 1 printing oil + 2 sheets of paper