Electric pet spray hair removal comb one-click spray anti-flying massage brush

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Colour:  Pink
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First, squeeze slightly and the shampoo can easily come out, then use the dog shower brush scrub away dirtremove dead skin and loose furbring your dog a very comfortable bath and massage soothing effect

Does your pet hate the bath? Do you struggle to clean sensitive areas like their ears, face, and paws? Our NEW 3-in-1  Bath Brush saves you time AND keeps your dog clean!

No more stressful baths!
No more hair matting!
No more dirty pets!

✅ Gently removes loose hair, dirt, and mud
Pets love the massaging bristles
Works on all your furry friends

Made of high-quality, soft silicone, the Brush cleans your pet while massaging its skin. The round teeth improve blood circulation while an ergonomic shape helps for comfort and ease of use to prevent wrist and hand strain.


  • ✨【Promotes Health and Well Being】: Shampoo flows out from inside of brush to efficiently provide a rich, foaming bath that helps maintain a soft coat and moisturized skin
  • ✨【Turn Bath Time into a Soothing Massage】: Pets LOVE the soft silicon tentacles that massage the skin and improve blood circulation
  • ✨【Ergonomic Design】: Brush is easy to use and a comfortable grip makes giving baths a breeze
  • ✨【Easy to Clean】: Simply wash the brush with water and easily hang by handle to dry
  • ✨【The Perfect Size】: The 3.17oz  storage compartment holds the perfect amount of shampoo for your pet's bath

  • ✨【Widely Used】Suitable for most pets bathing, such as dogs, cats, sheep, horses, etc.
  • ✨【Multi-Function】DESHEDDING, BRUSHING, MASSAGING, EXFOLIATING, RELAXING, Pet Shampoo Container Brush for dogs, cats, & small pets!


  • Material: Silica gel
  • Package Contents: 1 x Pet Bath Brush
  • Color: Blue, Pink, Yellow
  • Weight: 70g