2" Wide Luxury Genuine Leather Spiked Studded Dog Collars

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Size:  M:2.0" * 17-20"
Color:  Black
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  • 2.0" Wide Leather Collar:0.5cm in thickness bistratal latigo genuine leather material makes the collar can be strong enough to hold medium large macho,giant dogs
  • Adjustable Size:Have 5 metal eyelets to keep the collar support up to 150 lbs dogs pets
  • Studded Spiked Dog Collar:Sharp spikes will work when dogs bitten by others. Cool designed, looks like a warrior while wearing it.Powerful and Strong
  • Heavy Duty Hardware:Chromed D-Ring durable for dog leash attaching.Easy to clean and wearing

Heavy Duty

Our dog spike collar made from 0.5cm thickness bistratal latigo genuine leather,durable and strong enough to hold medium large x-large breed dogs,e.g.Bulldog, PitBull, Alaskan Malamute, Husky,Boxer,Doberman,etc.

Heavy Duty Hardware:Chromed D-Ring on the collar durable for dog leash attaching.Also easy to clean and wearing.

Protective Spikes Anti-biting

The cool spikes on the collar are handcraft,stylish and sturdy,not only makes your dog looks great,but also offers protective for your dogs.

The real metal spiked studded collar looks like a warrior while wearing it. Powerful and Strong.

Take a Measurement

Our large spiked collar have 5 metal eyelets to keep the collar support up to 150 lbs dogs pets.We have 3 adjustable sizes to choose.

Measuring your dog's neck - Use a length of string to measure the distance around your dog's neck this will give you the most accurate measurement. Select collar size that your dogs neck measurement falls in the middle of size chart.