Pet Anti-Flea,Tick, & Mosquito Collar 8 Months Prevention

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Style:  For Cats / 15"
Color:  Gray
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Flea And Tick Collar

Mild NOn -lrritating,protect pets from flea and tick

You Can Make For Your Furry Friend's Long-Term Health!

Designed by a team of Elite Veterinarians! Made from our propriety blend of natural essential oil that are non-toxic to our pets. It was created to keep our loving pets protected, but safe as well. Unlike other brands of Tick Collars, we have used organic ingredients and tested it on many dogs/cats to ensure safety for our loving pets.


  •  Easy to Use - Simply put it around your pet's neck and cut off the excess for a perfect fit.
  •  Unnoticeable - Comfortable for your dog, non-greasy, and no weird chemical smell.
  •  Water Proof - No need to waste time taking the collar off each time your pet takes a bath! Just set it and forget it.
  •  100% Natural Ingredients - Made from natural material that is suitable for allergic and sensitive pets.
  •  Safe for Humans - Using non-toxic organic ingredients to kill fleas and ticks. Children and friends will still be able to play with pets while being totally safe.
  •  Long Usage - Protects your pet up to 8 months of constant flea and tick repellent so you can be worry free!
  •  Cost-Effective - Saves you money from expensive treatments or even vet visit.


  •  Cat Style: 33cm 
  •  Dog Style: 63cm
  •  Protective time: Up to 8 months
  •  Key Ingredients: Citronella, Lavender, Linaloe


  • Pet Anti-flea,Tick, & Mosquito Collar (Advanced Protection)