Painted Keepsake Box Perfect Gift for Pet Lover

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Keepsake Boxes are small, sweet places to keep treasures.

The gift of willow communicates beyond words.

The figure on this piece communicates through gestures, to represent an emotion or mark a memory.


This sculptures express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope… emotions of a life well lived.

Hand-painted bas-relief lids are not attached. Inside, the bottom of each box reveals a message of love and friendship as a hidden discovery.

You are not just a DOG, You are my SANITY. You are my HAPPINESS. You are my TEACHER. You are my THERAPIST and my BEST FRIEND.

3” square x 2”h hand-painted resin box with bas-relief carving on lid. The lid is not attached. Ready to display on a shelf, table, or mantel. To clean, dust with a soft brush or cloth.