Outdoor Sun Protection Hood For Dogs

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Color:  Dark Blue
Size:  S - Small Dogs
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Crafted with Love, for the Love of Dogs

The Doggo Hat is created for those who see their dogs not just as pets, but as family. The greatest joy comes from the smallest moments - a wagging tail, a playful bark.

Why have our Dog Hat?

Our Outdoor Doggo Hat will give your doggo Sun Protection and Style Boost to look cute as heck 

Soft cotton fabric: Made of soft and comfortable cotton fabric, which has strong breathability and good moisture resistance. Can be used both in sunshine and raining days.


  • Adjustable and firm buckle can fit various sizes of pet with ease and is not easy to loose, which can fix cap steadily on pet's head.


  • The ear hole design of the hat will make it easy for your doggo to love wearing their hat


  • Brim can protect your pet eyes from UV while ensure enough light during outdoor activities.

Weather? No Problem!

Come rain or shine, the Doggo Hat has got your dog covered. Literally. It’s made from materials that keep them comfortable, no matter the weather.

Material: Soft cotton,Canvas