Outdoor Pet Flashlight Dispenser

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Package:  Black + 15 Bags
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Why You Need This Poop Bags Dispenser?

If your pet likes an after-dusk stroll, the included LED flashlight will come in handy, as it can hold a roll of waste bags. After your dog does its business, simply pull a bag out of the flashlight, which you can use to ensure you don’t lose sight of the waste, potentially avoiding the wrath of the neighbors.


  • Convenient Waste & Poop Bag Dispenser - Paw Flashlight Dispenser is a convenient way to carry your dog's waste and poop bags while on a walk or on-the-go. The included carabiner clip allows you to attach it to your dog's leash, your waist, or any convenient location.
  • High-Quality Dog Waste & Poop Bags - Includes 1 roll (15 bags) of sturdy, dog waste and poop bags with handles.
  • The Flashlight - Our built-in, premium quality flashlight will change your walks forever. Use it to see what you’re picking up, find your car key and navigate early morning and evening walks with ease – it even lets your pooch find YOU in the dark.
  • Premium Quality Poop Bags - Our dog bags are not only biodegradable, they’re high quality. At 1.5 micron thickness, they’re thick, tough and odorless.