Naturl Pet Eye Tear Stain Remover Wipes - For Dogs & Cats

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Package:  1 Box Eye Wipes (100 Counts)
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NO 1 Vet Approved Dog Eye Wipes!

Want to make sure that your?pet’s face, eyes, and mouth are free from bacteria and future stains?

These wet wipes can gently?remove that bothersome dirt and stains?so your precious pets stay?clean, fresh, and adorable all day.

These dark spots?may look harmless?at first glance?but veterinarians warn that if left untreated, bacteria starts building up which?may lead to a severe eye infection!

These?vet-approved?wipes will keep your pet happy and clean! These are?safe, efficient and natural?tear stain removers for your dog.

Natural and hypoallergenic,?PH balanced,?and?anti-bacterial?wipes will not harm your loved dog. These wipes also contain?fresh?Aloe Vera?and?Vitamin E, free of alcohol and harsh chemicals.?These wipes are also suitable for puppies.

Dog wipes with?extra moisture and thickness?wipe away a tear or saliva stains from your pet’s face and prevent the appearance of new stains.??

  • Make your dog beautiful: Remove tear stains and improve your dog’s appearance.
  • Simple to Use: Wipe each area softly using a separate pad, these are hygienic to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Daily Use: Keep the eye exterior clean and help reduce the risk of eye irritation and itching caused by foreign matter.
  • Large Supply: One product contains 100 pieces, which can meet your all demands.
  • Safe and Healthy: The wipes are natural and non-toxic, gentle and harmless.

  • HEALTHY, TEAR-FREE EYES – eye wipes gently and effectively remove any leaky discharge from your pet’s crusty “sleepy” eyes while preventing new tear stains before they start. Helps reduce inflammation caused by conjunctivitis and blepharitis.
  • DOES NOT REMOVE EXISTING STAINS - pet eye wipes prevent new tear stains and remove the gunk that can collect in the corner of your dog or cat’s eyes. In order to eliminate any existing tear stains, please use Tear Stains Remover Solution.
  • ALLERGY FREE– pet eye wipes are effective on a wide variety of animals, including puppies, adult and senior dogs, kittens, cats, and even horse! The allergy free ingredients are good for pets with allergies
  • MADE FOR SENSITIVE EYES – pet wet wipes are made especially for cleaning around sensitive eyes and along furry cheeks to prevent tear stains. Fashioned to be soft, non-irritating and soothing, your pet will love them