Mushroom Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

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Style:  with one filter box and Heating pad
Size:  1500ml
Color:  Green
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Safe Ceramic Material: Made of high-quality ceramic material, sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. Made of non-toxic material, it can be used safely.

Reliable Filtration System: Unlike still water in a bowl, cats are naturally more attracted to running water. We use filter sponge layers to filter impurities, and volcanic rock to purify the water and rid it of unpleasant odors, medicinal stones to balance PH, carbon balls to absorb impurities and soften the water quality, and catch any hair that falls in. You can expect a well hydrated cat that is healthy and free of kidney problems and urinary tract infections!

Safety: large capacity cat water dispenser allows you to keep your pets hydrated even when you are on a business trip. The use of anti-dry pumps automatically shuts off the power when the water is not enough, which is safe and reliable.

Quiet Water Pump Design: With the water pump, our fountain can circulate water, which makes the water quality healthier. Thanks to the upgraded super quiet pump, the water noise is hardly heard, so you and your pet can have a good night sleep.

Easy to clean: It is removable and washable.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you have any problems with the pet fountain, please contact us. We always strive to provide professional service to each of our customers.

*This data was obtained from manually measuring the product, it may be off by 1-2 CM.

* Care Instruction:

1. Please rinse the filter box for 2 minutes before first use to flush out any impurities caused by collisions.
2. It is recommended to replace the filter box once a month.