Mini Air Conditioner Portable Evaporative Cooler Fan

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Cool Down Any Room, Without Using Costly AC.

Mini Air Conditioner Portable Evaporative Cooler Fan is 300% more efficient, smaller, portable - and it cools you just the same!

Mini Air Conditioner Portable Evaporative Cooler Fan is a versatile system that humidifies, purifies, and cools the air to deliver a fresh breeze in the same way nature does.

It comes with a removable water tank and enhanced leakage-proof systems to create your preferred atmosphere in any room.

Unlike other systems that sap moisture from the air—dehydrating and aging skin and affecting overall wellbeing

Mini Air Conditioner Portable Evaporative Cooler Fan is anti-fatigue and does the opposite. It contributes to your indoor comfort without any additives.

It humidifier, purifier, and cooler uses evaporative technology that allows you to create your personal microclimate with less energy, one gadget, smaller bills, a cleaner planet, and better health. 

Mini Air Conditioner Portable Evaporative Cooler Fan is ultra quiet so expect better rest and sweeter sleep for you and those around you.

A soothing and perfect solution to keeping comfortable when sleeping near others, where one tends to feel hot, while the other, cold. 

It’s the most effective evaporative cooling system in its class.

This Portable Air Conditioner is 3 in 1 combination of cooling fan, humidifier and mini air conditioner with double misting holes so you can add water and ice cubes on the top water tank, fast cooling in a hot summer!

Mini Air Conditioner Portable Evaporative Cooler Fan has three wind speeds for you to choose. Pour water into a 300ml water tank so it can create a mist that humidifies the air for a healthy and comfortable atmosphere.

The portable air cooler can oscillate 120 degrees. It support rotation from left to right like a desk fan to be able to cool your surrounding evenly not just in only one direction.

There is a LED screen to display wind speed, power consumption, oscillation, water warning, misting mode.

The fan also has warm light but will not affect your sleep quality at night, put it on the bedside table and coffee table to create a romantic atmosphere! 

The air cooler fan built-in 4000 mah batteryso it can runs up to 8 hours.

It also supports USB charging from a power bank so you you can place it anywhere: Your Bedroom, Office, Nightstand or even out for a camping!