Magnetic Car Windshield Cover

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Features an innovative design with built-in 6 powerful magnets on the top side to keep the exterior windshield snow cover in place even in windy days and the two windproof straps on each side to help attach this cover firmly. Even the strongest winds are no match for this windshield snow cover magnetic grip!

Heavy Duty Protection & Snug Fit

Our snow cover is made of a toughest 600D Oxford material blended with the softest PVC inner layer which provides superior windshield protection from the snow. Its 100% waterproof so it won't frost up even after storms.

Original Design for All Weather

Regardless winter or summer, this snow cover for auto windshield protects against the snow, sun, uv rays, heat, rain, fall leaves, dirt, dust and certainly during the ice cold winter debris & weather.

Designed for Quick 1 Minute installation

No tools required. Just attach the windshield cover with six powerful magnets and then shut the flaps in the doors.

Compatible with most models Cars, SUVs, Trucks.

Convenient dimensions provide full windshield protection

Size: 210cm * 145cm | 83 inch * 57 inch