Large Digital Drawing Art Tablet Sketch Pad With Pen

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Large Digital Drawing Art Tablet Sketch Pad With Pen

Are you a professional artist who needs a huge digital drawing tablet? Our drawing pad was created to help you take your drawing abilities to the next level by allowing you to use them on the internet and digital platforms.

The drawing pad's touch-screen interface allows you to draw directly on the screen with real-time results. Each stroke you produce on the digital art tablet will be projected onto a different device for convenience.

The graphic tablet comes with its own pen, allowing you to create precise graphics on all of your ideas. There's no need to re-charge the pen, which makes your workflow much more efficient.

The digital drawing tablet is also incredibly user-friendly, with several control buttons to assist you in creating amazing artwork. By drawing on the digital art tablet, you may improve your drawing skills and save them to your device.


LARGE SCREEN: The digital drawing art tablet with the pen has a huge screen, giving you plenty of room to create detailed and high-quality artwork. It allows you to produce bolder strokes, allowing you to realize your full creative potential.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: The digital drawing pad is not only compatible with PCs, but also with mobile phones! The computer drawing pad works with a variety of 2D, 3D, video, and animation programs.

HIGH SENSITIVITY: The electronic drawing pad's high sensor feature ensures that each stroke you make is correctly applied. All of your artworks will turn out just the way you want them to.


Color: Black
Screen size: 10*6 inches
Support interface: USB
Reading speed: 233 points / sec


1x Digital sketch pad
1x Drawing pen