Heated Warm Socks with Remote Control

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High Quality Material & Extremely Comfortable

Our heated electric socks are manufactured from high-quality cotton. When paired with an ergonomic design, it is breathable, absorbent, and long-lasting. The heating socks provide outstanding sweat perspiration and breathability. with padded reinforced heel and toes and a concealed heating element to keep your feet warm and toasty. Ideal for skiing, trekking, hunting, ice fishing, and any other indoor/outdoor winter sports.

Improved Winter Warm Socks

Ring-shaped heating is used in our improved heated socks. The socks will help to warm your toes and enhance blood circulation, making your body feel warm in the chilly weather.

Easy to Use + Remote Control

This heating socks can keep a consistent temperature of 50 degrees heating, which is hot but not scalding! Adopts a revolutionary process to weave the heating sheet into the inside of the socks, resulting in a heating sheet that is integrated with the socks and can be withdrawn at will without compromising heat generation.

Press the power button on the batteries for 2 seconds to turn on each battery, then using the remote control short press the the arrows (up and down) to switch the temperature settings,. Turn off heating by pressing power button on the remote control.

Our Heated Socks allow you to change the temperature. You can easily modify the temperature to meet your demands, with three settings of 113°F(45°C), 95°F(35°C), and 77°F(25°C).

Long Lasting Battery

Our thermal socks are powered by two rechargeable 3.7V lithium polymer batteries with 4000mAh, and can heat for up to 7.5 hours. Each pair of socks has a little pocket on the side for storing a battery.

Washable Electric Heated Socks

Heating socks for men and women feature a high degree of flexibility and are ideal for both men and women. The power interface is insulated and waterproof, and after removing the battery, these heated socks can be machine or hand cleaned. Please put socks in the laundry bag when using the washing machine to safeguard the wires. We recommend hand washing them in warm water with mild detergent and drying them by hand or with a towel.

Main Benefits

  • Promotes better circulation and foot comfort
  • Durable and insulated fabric for long-lasting use
  • Provides warmth to cold feet in cold weather conditions
  • Remote control for convenient temperature adjustments
  • Heat up Quickly
  • Enduring warmth

Hidden Pouch To Hold Battery

Each sock has a pocket on the outside upper section. Insert the battery and place it in the battery bag, and you can enjoy the warmth wherever you go, which is really convenient and practical.

NOTE: It is advised to wear thin socks and heating socks so that the heated socks do not need to be cleaned every day.

Voltage: 3.7V 4000 mAh

Size: One Size

Applicable Gender: Unisex

Package Includes

1 x Pair of Heated Socks

2 x Power Banks

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Remote Control