Front And Rear Dash Cam Surveillance 1080P HD

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If you are ever in an automobile accident, you will have safe evidence of what happened immediately. Take photos of gorgeous scenery while travelling. Our Front and Rear Dual Car Dash Cam also works well as a Surveillance Camera when your car is parked! Our automobile dash camera has a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 Full HD footage and a 170° wide angle lens that captures the entire road in crystal-clear quality.

Ultra Clear 4.0 inch LCD Screen The 4.0-inch LCD screen provides a huge and crisp image whether reversing or looking back at the video.

G-sensor Built-in G-sensor - When the gravity sensor senses a collision, the current video is locked, guaranteeing the vital video is safeguarded. The locked video will be protected from overwriting.

Motion Detection, Seamless Loop Recording, 6G Lens, Date Stamp, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), and Rear View are just a few of the amazing features.

Excellent both during the day and at night Vision - When used in conjunction with a large aperture and a wide dynamic range (WDR), you can obtain comparatively sharper footage and images at night. In low light, car licence plates are plainly visible. Driving at night will be significantly safer.

Loop Recording - Loop-cycle recording efficiently saves storage space, and Advanced H.264 photographic compression technology maintains high-quality films while also contributing to storage savings.

Suitable for Any Climate - Built to withstand harsh heat and cold for long-term use, no matter where you reside.

Simple to Set Up and Use - Motion Detection, Seamless Loop Recording, and Parking Monitor meet your daily driving needs. Even for a first-time user, installation and operation are simple.

Waterproof Rear Camera Lens - The rear camera lens features four LED lights and an automated fill light while reversing.

Features Of Our Best Front And Rear Dash Cam :

Extremely Simple to Use: Simply mount and go! Simply put it in, and the smart dash cam begins recording as soon as your car is turned on.

High-Quality Audio Recording: Never Miss a Thing: Car Dash Cam with 3" 1080 FHD screen and 170° wide angle camera. The automobile dash cam continuously monitors the surroundings 24 hours a day, whether the car is on or off, recording collisions or motions (within 10 feet) in front of the car and auto locking the video to protect evidence.

No Hassle: Because the automobile dash cam records in loop mode, you won't have to worry about your miniSD card running out of space.

Robust and dependable: Well-built device made of high-quality materials. The car dash cam works in harsh conditions as low as -4°F - 158°F (-20°C - 70°C)

The Purpose Of The Dash Cam Is To Carefully Record Every Detail That Takes Place Both On The Road And Inside The Car, And It Can Be Used For A Variety Of Purposes. The Dash Cam Is The Strongest And Most Efficient Proof You Have For Defending Yourself, In Case Of Car Crash. 🚘💥🚗


  • Camera: Quality ABS Texture
  • View of Angle: 170° wide angle
  • Maximum video resolution: 1080FHD (1920 x1080) 
  • Support SD card: Micro SD card
  • High dynamic range: on/off
  • Motion detection: on/off
  • Gravity sensing: off/high/medium/low
  • Parking guard:on/off

Package Included:

  • 1 X 4 Inch Car DVR
  • 1 X Stand
  • 1 X Rearview Camera
  • 1 X 2.5mm Rearview CameraCable
  • 1 X Car Charger
  • 2 X Screw
  • 1 X Sticker
  • 1 X User Manual