Automatic Silicone Tail Teaser Interactive Toy 2 in 1 for Cats

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Perfect replacement for the traditional cat teasing wand

[Electronic Cat Teasing Toy] -- This upgrade one simulates animal tail to wake up the cat's hunting instincts, constant swinging to keep your cats entertained. Also, it can be used as a handheld magic teaser, so that your cat, as if by magic, can never leave this beloved companion.

[USB Charging Cat Teasing Wand] -- 520mAh high-capacity battery, Once fully charged, can work continuously for 60 minutes; In addition, in order to continue to keep the cat's interest, it works for 10 minutes and will automatically turn off.

[Enhancing Curiosity Level] -- During the operation of the toy, it will change different rotational speeds as well as rotational shapes to constantly stimulate the cat's desire to hunt, giving cats endless irritation of not being able to control it. This interactive toy helps you accompany your cat when you are not at home.

[Soft Durable Material] -- This silicone tail toy is made from natural rubber, soft, durable and non-toxic, will not scratch the cat and even young cats can bite at will; with two replaceable tails, will keep cats mentally and physically stimulated for hours, and a great way to keep your cat and kitten happy.

FAQ for the Cat Wand Toy

  • Q: Do long-haired cats get the silicone tails sticky?
  • A: Some long-haired cats may get the tails sticky if they roll around on the ground. However, we offer upgraded plush tails  to address this issue.
  • Q: Why doesn't my cat like this toy?
  • A: Cats are like people; different cats have different preferences. Some cats will like the same toy, while others may not. We suggest not turning it on at the beginning and allowing your cat to get used to it as a normal wand toy before turning it on.
  • Q: Is the tail safe? Is it easy to be bitten off?
  • A: We use baby food-grade silicone, which is 100% non-toxic and safe. While most cats won't have an issue, some more active cats may be prone to biting it off. We recommend supervising your cat while they play with it.
  • Q: If the tail is broken, where can I buy a replacement?
  • A: The package includes 2 tail replacements, and we also offer separate replacement tails for sale on Amazon.
  • Q: Is it noisy?
  • A: When using this toy to interact with your cat manually or when it runs on carpet, there is no noise. However, if it runs on hard floors, we recommend attaching the silicone ring to reduce noise.
  • Q: Does it run too fast?
  • A: When designing this toy, we tested it with more than 20 different cat breeds at different speeds and adjusted the speed hundreds of times to determine the most suitable one. This speed should be suitable for almost all cats.
  • Q: How long does a charge last?
  • A: Takes 1 hours to fully charge, lasts 1 hour, auto-shuts every 10 mins, charge fully before first use.