Foldable Dog Car Seat

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Give your dog a ride with a view with our Dog Safety Seat. A comfy car seat that allows him to look out the window, it’s made to keep him safe, secure and out of your lap—which can interfere with your driving and cause accidents. The durable, ripstop fabric is perfect for active dogs, and the easy clean interior pad means it’s totally okay if your next adventure involves a little dirt. There are metal supports for structural integrity, and the adjustable seatbelt tether attaches to his harness to prevent jumping out. Works in the front and back seat!

The Perfect Gift for Dog Lovers! Your furry friend will love you for this...

PLEASE NOTE:  The measurements shown in the picture illustrated might be off by minimal amounts.  Colors might also be slightly different than those shown herein.


Ensure the safety of your dog (hands free) in your car while driving.  Our waterproof 600D Oxford PVC nylon mesh foldable dog car seat protects your furry friend and gives you total peace of mind!

Easy to set-up and assemble, you can have confidence that your loved one has the protection that they deserve, while they are accompanying you on your trip. Not only will this durable and portable carrier keep your dog safe, it will also protect the upholstery of your car.

When removed, which is just as easy as its installation, it is portable and folds into a tight and concise square, and is easy to store.

Perimeter reinforced with PVC pipe to maintain sturdiness and durability.


PLEASE NOTE: The car seat is folded during shipment. When received, allow it to sit (fully opened) for 24-48 hours, so that it maintains its strength and durability.