Dumbbell Indestructible Dog Teething Chew Toys

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Dumbbell Indestructible Dog Teething Chew Toys😺


  •  The dog chew toy is made of absolutely safe natural rubber. Its flexibility and bite resistance have been greatly improved. Long lasting support for your chewers.
  • Specially dumbbell shape designed for dogs who like to chew, sturdy and durable.Satisfying your happy pup's desire to chew,drive your dog wild.Dog toys can train the dog's hunting ability and recognition ability through the fetch and retrieval game. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor play and enhances the friendship between you and the dog.
  • The 3D Irregular particles on the surface of dumbbell are good for your pup to molar,clean tooth,stimulate gums,reduce plaque and tartar.Promote oral health and soothes discomforts during teething.Help your dog keep his teeth healthy and avoid oral diseases.
  • Dog chew toy sticks are better alternative than twigs or sticks, satisfying the dog’s chewing nature.Dog chew toy helps satisfy dogs' natural urge to chew, reduce anxiety and avoid destructive chewing. Teaching healthy chewing habit for dogs, good for training, teething, weight management and more.
  • Leaving adequate space inside for dog snacks,let your pup enjoy food while playing.It helps your dog to release excessive energy, reduce boredom, anxiety and destructive behavior, also reduce discomfort during puppy teething period.This is a dog toy, not edible.

Package Includes:
1*Dumbbell Indestructible Dog Teething Chew Toys