Double Dog Leash

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A double leash for a simple control

Having two dogs can be a real challenge when it comes to going for a walk and getting them to burn off energy. These furry loves are always so happy to come out that they wiggle all over the place, making it even more difficult for you to maneuver.

The Double Dog Leash is then made for you, thanks to its rotating reel, your leashes do not cross and tangle with each other. The built-in untangling mechanism does all the work for you so you can enjoy your ride without stopping untangling the trails.

Imagine walking your dogs on a leash that automatically untangles. You have your hands free to open the doors, hold an umbrella or carry your bag. This gives your pet the freedom to walk ten feet in all directions.

You can even stop your dogs individually. The channel and brake buttons are color coded so you always know exactly which dog you are controlling. The struggle to hold two leashes and keep them intact is over.

A well thought out accessory in all its details

The dog leash for two has an ergonomic shape and therefore adapts well to your hand. It is also very light, which of course makes it even more comfortable. The two three-meter-long lines almost completely disappear into the reel, so they don't get tangled until the next walk.


  • 50 pounds per dog
  • 10 feet per dog
  • Detangles automatically
  • Stop dogs individually
  • Reflective leash
  • Lightweight
  • Slim design
  • 360 ° rotation
  • Resistance and durability
  • Two left in one