Portable Dog Paw Cleaner with Bristles

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Are your dog paws get dirty and muddy after having fun outside before entering the home? Most people drag their dog to the bath or carrying buckets with water all way from the other side of the house just to clean the paw.

This Dog Paw cleaner is perfect not just to clean your dog‘s paw but also can give a gentle massage.



  • Unique Design: 2in1 dog paw cleaner and grooming brush not just helps to clean your dog‘s paw, but also gives a gentle massage.
  • Soft Silicone Design: Soft silicone bristles are made from durable non-stick and non-staining high-quality silicone, will not make your dog feel itchy and discomfort

  • 360° All-round Cleaning: This paw cleaner easily washes away dirt, dust, bacteria from your dog‘s feet

  • Quick and Easy to Use: Add some water to the cup, then simply insert your dog‘s muddy paw. Move cup up and down or rotate. Pat and wipe paw dry, then repeat with other paws. It gently and effectively cleans your dog's paw
  • Portable: Small, lightweight, don't need to drag your dog to the bath or carry a bucket with water. Also easily fits in your bag whenever you go on.
  • Available in 3 sizes: This paw cleaner is perfect for small, medium, and big-size dogs.


  1. Add a little water to the cup;
  2. Insert your dog‘s muddy paw. Move cup up and down and do the twist. Dry off paw with the towel;
  3. Remove the bristles and drain the water.