Dog Motorcycle Helmet And Goggles

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Dog Motorcycle Helmet And Goggles

Imagine This: You, the open road, and your furry co-pilot, all geared up and turning heads. It’s not just a helmet; it’s peace of mind. Your pet’s safety? Check. Style? Double check.


First things first: This isn't your usual pet gear. It's a snug-fit helmet just for your dog or cat. Snap the goggles on or off – it's pet fashion your way. Plus, it's a breeze to carry for all those adventures you’ll have.

Safety? Sorted! Made from tough stuff (think ABS plastic), it’s like a bodyguard for your pet's noggin. Falls, bumps? No sweat. Plus, those goggles aren’t just for show – they shield those precious peepers from the sun.

Comfy? You bet! Adjustable straps mean a perfect fit. No squishing or slipping here. And those vents? They're like air-con for their head. No more hot, bothered pets.

  •  "SAFETY FIRST" HELMET: Durable head protection for pets, guarding them against accidents and falls.
  • "TOUGH BUILD" QUALITY: Made with high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting safety and reliability.
  • "PERFECT FIT" DESIGN: Adjustable straps for a snug, secure fit on various dog and cat head sizes.
  • "COOL SHADES" Feature: Built-in sunglasses shield your pet’s eyes from harmful sun rays and wind.
  • "ADVENTURE READY" GEAR: Ideal for biking, motorcycle rides, or any outdoor activity with your furry friend.


  • Product color: black
  • Gross weight: s: 75g M: 105g
  • Suitable for: medium-sized dogs, small dogs, cats
  • Product material: ABS+frame cotton+polyester


  • 1 x Helmet
  • 1 x Glasses