Cycling Silicone Padded Quick-Drying Cycling Shorts

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Friction and friction are a thing of the past!

Cycling shorts feature 4D padding to ensure zero hip and back pain, chafing and irritation.Innovative high-density sponge features a one-piece hollow design that absorbs all the bumps in the road…And the delicate fibers ensure zero friction, reducing chafing to zero.

Plus, state-of-the-art ventilation keeps your interior dry so you can enjoy a longer, smoother and better ride.And one more thing…The shape of the mat conforms perfectly to your contours, making it the perfect riding option.

It’s a great way to free your mind and get lost in the moment. Even when you’re pushing yourself, you’ll feel a zen-like sense of peace and freedom. Plus it keeps you in shape. If you’re lucky enough to have steep hills in your area, I’m sure you’ll love the feeling of accomplishment you get after pushing yourself and conquering the climb!
But it can be bad when you start to get lower back or butt pain (which, unlike pain, is just your body getting used to the workout), or chafing, or that wet discomfort that sticks to your shorts/underwear from sweat. /hot.

Pain and discomfort while biking can be very frustrating. Different people try different ways to get rid of these inconveniences.
Some people try using abrasion cream. It can work. But not as good as our ergonomic luxury shorts. Because facial creams usually work by clogging pores. The problem is that it doesn’t stop your skin from rubbing against each other, so there’s still friction and chafing eventually occurs.

Stops Rubbing and Chafing By Preventing Friction!

Our shorts are designed to fit perfectly on you. you won’t even know it’s there. All you’ll feel is … nothing.
Instead of the typical all-spandex cycling shorts, we use Polyester- which means the knitting is more loose and the material is more breathable. But more importantly, Polyester has moisture-wicking properties – which means that when you sweat the material absorbs all that heat and transfers it outside of the material – keeping your skin dry and comfortable for the entire ride.