Dental Calculus Remover

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Maintaining healthy teeth doesn't have to be taxing and expensive. Simple brushing three times a day, sometimes isn't enough... Without proper cleaning you can have bad breath or worse, tooth decay!

Don't worry! This Dental Calculus Remover for teeth got you covered! 

Scrubs Off Stubborn Stains In Minutes

Win the war against bad breath and tooth stains! With it's 5 active cleaning modes and powerful hi-frequency vibrations you can remove stubborn plaque, tooth stains, tartar, and dental calculus in an instant!

Why use Dental Calculus Remover

  • Painless and safe to use
  • Maintain bright and whiter smile
  • Prevents gum disease & cavities
  • Reach even the tight places


Try the tooth scraper at first on low setting, so you could get used to the sensation. Then slowly increase the intensity to find the best level for you.

Go back and forth in a tiny area for a few passes with little or no pressing the dental plaque remover.

Easy Cleaning

Without proper cleaning you can have bad breath or worse, tooth decay! This tool is anyone looking to take better care of their teeth in between cleanings. Remove teeth stains, tartar, plaque, and dental calculus!

IPX6 Waterproof

Once your done using the tool, simply rince it with water and soak the scaler with desinfective.

USB Rechargable

You can use this electric Dental Plaque Remover for up to 6 weeks in a signle charge! Protect your teeth anywhere and anytime!

5 Cleaning Modes

Up to 12.000 vibrations per minute! Such a high frequency ensures your teeth are cleaned properly. No need for expensive dentist visits.