Christmas Bedtime Projection Flashlight

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Give your youngster’s the perfect accompaniment for a peaceful sleep at night using this fun bedtime flashlight projector toy!
This enjoyable flashlight projector releases a soft, warm glow of various high-quality images that every kid would fall in love with. It can be used as an excellent storytelling tool that can surely make each slumber time more amusing and relaxing. The flashlight toy is not only fun, but it also helps to enhance your child’s knowledge, focus and even stimulate their curiosity and imagination. Moreover, it strengthens parent-child relationships while satisfying your toddler’s bedtime story needs and restful sleep. 
The bedtime projector toy comes with a different disc which contains multiple vivid patterns. Available in fascinating, colorful themes, including animals, fruits, vegetables, space, numbers, zodiacs, alphabets, cars, Christmas and so much more! Allowing your youngster’s to enter into the magical world that this unique toy’s projects. No worries as all image illumination can be clearly shown through your home walls or ceilings. Simply insert the disc through the flashlight groove, turn it on and freely rotate it to switch patterns! A great gift for birthdays, parties, Christmas day, exchange gifts, Halloween, school party, and more.  
Make your child’s night truly magical and peaceful with this  fun bedtime flashlight projector toy!
  • Fun Bedtime Story Projection ❄️
    An enjoyable flashlight projector toy that emits a high quality illumination of different lovely images through your walls. It has a soft and warm light which makes it comfortable for your baby’s sleep and safe for everyone's eyes. Moreover, this whimsy torch projector can be used to tell and create your own stories to make slumber time more amusing and relaxing. Providing you a sweet parent-child bonding that can surely satisfy your precious toddler’s bedtime story needs. No worries as its soft, yet powerful light can be clearly projected all around to serve as a unique visual screen.

  • Multiple Unique Patterns ❄️
    The bedtime flashlight toy offers different cards which contain various vivid patterns that would be loved by any youngsters. Allowing them to enter the magical world that the flashlight projects. It is available in fascinating, colorful themes, including animals, plants, sweets, fruits, vegetables, space, numbers, zodiacs, alphabets, cars, Christmas and so on! The farther the aim of the flashlight on your walls or ceilings the bigger the images would be shown.

  • Educational Toy ❄️
    This children’s projector toy is not only fun, but it is also highly educational! It can enhance their knowledge about different things and species like land animals, marnie animals, foods and more. It can even stimulate your child’s curiosity and help their imagination to run freely. Additionally, this bedtime flashlight also allows your kid to improve their focus, especially as you slide the photos and share stories.

  • Easy Plug and Play ❄️
    No more messy or complicated assembling needed! Simply remove the protective sheet from the flashlight, insert your desired disc through the groove, open the switch to light on then aim it on a wall or ceiling. Once done, you can now smoothly rotate the disc to change photos and have fun with it.

  • Excellent Gift Idea ❄️
    This unique projector toy is comfortably lightweight and it can be easily grasped even with your kid’s tiny hands. It can be carried anytime, anywhere for playtime, bedtime or for even giving your children a sense of security at night without sacrificing learning time. Making it an ideal gift idea for birthdays, parties, Christmas day, exchange gifts, Halloween, school party, moving up and more possibilities.
  • Premium Quality ❄️
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic ABS plastic material with an excellent durability and long-lasting performance. It can withstand daily use without breaking down or releasing harmful chemicals unlike other products. It can also continuously project detailed and colorful images that could surely have fun with and sleep soundly on every night of your kids.
  • Size: 4.3 x 11.5 cm
  • 1 x Christmas Bedtime Projection Flashlight
  • 3 x Projection Discs (24 Images in total)