Children Cartoon Electric Toothbrush

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Cute cartoon characters stimulate children's interest in brushing and make it enjoyable. Great clean made fun. Your little one will look forward to brushing more often with the Cartoon Electric Toothbrush. It's sure to make cleaning those pearly whites more fun.

What you get:

  • Enjoyable brushing
  • Soft and gentle
  • Convenient and easy to care

The unique kids' electric toothbrush design features a small, vibrating head with extra soft bristles and a slim handle that's easy for small hands to hold.

Improve your kid's smile

Cartoon Toothbrush removes more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush for a healthy smile.

The extra soft round brush head surrounds each tooth for individual cleaning, resulting in an amazing tooth-by-tooth clean.

The gentle mode is perfect for kids' teeth and gums. This toothbrush is perfect for every kid's oral care need.

Why use Cartoon Toothbrush

Let your children fall in love with brush their teeth. Unique small brush head with 3D curved soft bristles, comfortable and efficient, perfect for children's gums and small mouth.
Sustainable for children over the age of 3.

  • Clean mode
  • Nursing mode
  • Sensitive mode
  • Polishing mode (10-15 years)

Suggested by dentists

This electronic toothbrush has a built-in 2 minute + 5s timer to encourage your child to brush long enough and thoroughly clean the teeth, never guess the time again, develop good brushing habits and less cavities.

Easy Cleaning

The brush head can reach, surround multiple places, help kids clean their teeth more effectively and thoroughly, prevent tooth decay and oral problems.

IPX7 Waterproof

Once you are done using the tool, simply rinse it with water and let it dry

USB Rechargable

Your kid can use this electric Cartoon Toothbrush for up to 6 weeks in a single charge! Protect your loved one's teeth anywhere and anytime!

4 Cleaning Modes

Up to 20.000 strokes per minute! Such a high frequency ensures your kid's teeth are cleaned properly. Make your children routine fun and enjoyable.