Cat Scratching Posts and 2 Sisal Balls

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  • With a scratcher and rolling ball track in one, this cat toy has your cat’s scratching and play needs covered.
  • Sisal is an ideal surface for scratching because it's durable under your kitty’s claws.
  • Your cat will love batting and chasing the ball it as it rolls around the track.
  • Scratching is an essential component to keep kitties happy, so they’ll love that you thought of everything.
  • Pat the firmly attached dangling ball to interact with your energetic kittens adds extra fun. While the feeling of hunting it brings thrill your cats for long. Claw exercises drive muscular movement to ensure the physical health.
  • Quality Natural Sisal and Wood: Sisal scratching ball is made of high-quality nature sisal, mechanical winding and glue fixing makes the sisal tighter and not easy to loosen, providing your cat with a durable scratcher. The base is made of natural wood without a pungent smell which is friendly to cats' skin.

  • Save Your Furniture: This scratcher toy is composed of two parts, the green sisal scratching ball and solid wood base with 1 track and 2 small balls. Your cat will like to scratch the sisal ball or hit and track these 2 balls because they will use their natural instincts to hunt. Improve cat's bad habit of scratching and biting furniture, increase the amount of exercise to maintain vitality and health.

  • Lightweight and moderate size: The diameter of the sisal ball is 5.7", the length and width of the base are 8.21" and 7.68". Due to manual measurement, please allow a 0.1" - 0.2" error. It can be moved and placed at will, protect your sofa or other furniture from being scratched by the cat.

  • Easy to Assemble: This cat scratching toy just needs to fix the solid wood base and natural sisal ball with screws. It will be easier to follow the video instructions step by step, and it only takes you less than 1 minute to install.
  • No worries, we offer 30 days of 100% money back or free to exchange. If you have any questions, please let us know and we will help you in time.

Package Includes:

1* Cat Scratching Posts and 2 Sisal Balls