Cat Playful Rebound Feather Tease Interactive Toys

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Color:  Blue
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  • Funny cat feather, with one more cat toy, is a very good cat educational toy, you can interact and play with it, this product strongly attracts cats' interest in playing games.
  • Improve the cat's physical fitness and health. The cat will continue to increase the frequency of body movement during the growth period. Regular use can improve the cat's physical health and become more lively.
  • The funny cat toy is made of environmentally friendly and healthy ABS material, strong and durable, easy to use, and the product can be used for a long time.
  •  You can choose to use the funny cat ball, unplug the plug to easily install and replace the funny cat ball. There is also a 30 cm long cat feather toy replacement, which makes the cat no longer alone, easy to operate and easy to install. There is a pet cat toy in the package

Package Includes:
1* Tease Interactive Cat Toys