Cat Holding Cat Chest Harness Vest

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The True Adventurer Reflective Cat & Kitten Harness And Leash Set

When your cat walks, the leather is always torn. This
The leash suit is soft, comfortable and breathable, providing a better wearing experience for your cute cat.

Leash clothing suit: adjustable, breathable straps and a sturdy harness and belt suit for taking your cat out for walks, training, hiking and exploring outdoor activities. This strap has two adjustment methods, from Velcro fasteners and plastic adjustable clips, you can make it comfortable and have room for growth.

Leash: Leash allows you and others to safely find your fur baby from a distance, even if the sky starts to darken. The sturdy nylon belt is the perfect length to allow your cat to explore things while you still have complete control.

Clip: The sturdy snap clip is made of high-quality metal alloy, which can be rotated 360 degrees and can be adjusted according to the cat's every move. Use this strap with any cat backpack-we have a clip that you can use to secure one!

Measurement: Taken around the cat's chest. You want your cat's seat belt to be comfortable and fit so that they cannot get rid of it. When you take a measurement, make sure you are very close to your cat and close to each other-across all floors!

Note: If your size is between the two, if your cat is still growing, choose the larger size, otherwise, choose the smaller size.