Cat Cave Bed

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🐱🛏️Cat tunnel bed surface is made up of canvas fabric to provide scratch-resistant & snooze-worthy comfort. Durable microfiber cat bed gets sturdiness without sacrificing the softness for desired comfort. Baguette-like sleeping zone with whole-piece stuffing contributes year-round fluffiness.

Connected with fine teeth zipper, the padded cotton bed can be easily detached and the wide hide tunnel can be easily folded to save space when not in use. The tunnel with premium polyester lining is easy to wipe and clean, which can drive away the hassle of pets’ pee.

The toys at the entrance of the tunnel or the bells on the curtain of the cat's nest meet the small fun of the cat's playing at ordinary times. The foldable tunnel and removeable & washable mat bed easy to storage and carry.

🐱🛏️Give your furry babies a cozy space to play, relax and rest
🐱🛏️This tunnel bed is foldable, makes it easy to store and carry
🐱🛏️Made up of canvas fabric to provide scratch-resistant & snooze-worthy comfort
🐱🛏️It comes with steel frame so it will not be "crushed" by your cats