Cat Bed House Portable Handbag Nest

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Color:  Brown
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Keep Your Furry Friend With Loads Of Love And Comfort!

Our unique designed pet beds are way more comfortable than the regular beds. Our Multi-functional Cat Bed provides a healthy and enough space for your pet and allowing them to enjoy a soothing sleep. It protects their spine and gives them a correct sleeping posture.

Our Cat Bed can be used as a pet house for outdoor and move around the house. The other way is to work as a comfort basket bed indoor. Your cat will find the warm, cosy wool irresistible. 

Product Highlights

  • 3-In-1 Design- Our Cat Nest can be used as a pet carrier, pet bed, or in the open position to serve as a nest. The felt bed provides warmth and a cosy environment for the cat.
  • High-Quality Fabric- Our Pet Bed surface is made of premium fabric to provide scratch-resistant & snooze-worthy comfort. A durable microfiber cat bed gets sturdy without sacrificing the softness for the desired comfort.
  • Perfect For Your Kitten- Our Cat Tent has plenty of room for your kitty to spread out in and is lightweight enough to move around as you or your cat wishes. 

Easy To Store

Our Cat Sleeping Bed has a foldable design, can be easily folded to save space for your house when not in use.

Playing Nest

Perfect for your cat looking for their own space. Toss a toy inside and watch your cat chase and capture it. 

Easy To Clean

When cleaning the Collapsible Cat House, please do not rub hard. Just wipe it gently with cold water.

Perfect For Travel

Due to the handle on our cat bed, you can also use it as a carrying bag and makes it convenient to carry.

Product Description

Product Features

  • Kitten Bed has made of lightweight & durable material.
  • Covered Cat Beds has a reversible design, suitable for every type of weather.
  • Our Warm Cat Bed is an example of fine craftsmanship on high-quality fabrics.
  • Our Heated Cat Bed can be placed anywhere around the home and is suitable for outdoors.
  • Cat Sleeping Bed is machine washable and needs effortless cleaning.

Expert Design For All Cats

Expertly designed, our Cat Bed House is suitable for all kinds and sizes of cats. Our lightweight and portable bed allow your pet to have comfortable and anxiety-free sleep.